Stein’s Gate Episode 12- Mind-Messin’

Stein's Gate Makise Kurisu Tsundere Okabe Rintarou


Compared to the other shows of the season, there really isn’t anything that I can complain about in regards to Stein’s Gate. The pacing is well done and the comedic scenes are well-balanced with the ones with more serious under-tones. I’m going to gloss over plot summaries for now because I’m sure that all of you out here have already watched this episode. And really, with a show this captivating, how could you not?

Stein's Gate Mayuri MayushiiNot quite sure what to make of this particular development. So Mayuri in the “present” is not the original, and neither is the Okabe in the “present”, they are simply themselves in the future, but in a different timeline than their own. Hm, I guess that sums it up and it’s a bit confusing. What that implies is that both Okabe and Mayuri have some special significance that basically pulls them from the standard realm of reality and places them in a different position all together from everyone else. That would explain Okabe’s ability to retain memories from a world line shift, and there’s also the possiblity that Mayuri has the same power as well. She never did let on whether or not she had it. There’s more to her than meets the eye.

Stein's Gate Mayuri Okabe

Better than Beats by Dre

I was surprised as much as everyone else in the lab group that Okabe decided to reveal the time machine to the public through a reputable organization. I had always thought that the was going to go all gung-ho and mess with time at his own volition, but it seems his common sense has caught up with him, though it’s a tad bit late for that. He showed signs of hesitation in the previous episodes but did nothing to address them until now, he had already realized what at risk when it came to time travel and understood the far-reaching consequences that could result from all of his D-Mail business. It’s what a sensible person would do.

Stein's Gate Daru Okabe

It was a good fight, soldier.

Stein's Gate Makise Kurisu Okabe Rintarou Tsundere

Kurisu-tan is too cute

This will be sure to please all the Okabe and Kurisu fans. In this little scene, we see Okabe and Kurisu blushing and getting embarrassed as they reveal to one another just how close they are. They aren’t just lab members anymore, they’re companions, at least that’s what Okabe says. And he uses that as an explanation as to why he’s going to go and help Kurisu with her familial problems. Funny that, especially when you consider that he doesn’t do anything like that for any of the other members.

On that note, Okabe rounded up the lab members in order to make friends, not because he wanted servants. Underneath his mad persona, he’s just another person who wishes for companionship. Luckily though, he’s found it.

Stein's Gate Suzuha Amane Mayuri Kurisu

The morning after is always awkward

Everyone’s favorite Part-time Warrior is most definitely a time traveler. It’s become so abundantly clear at this point that you’d have to be retarded not to see it. She says it herself that she knows what’s going to happen. And when Kurisu responds by saying that Suzuha doesn’t know what she’s talking about, Suzuha tells her that she knows about what’s going to happen to others. She’s also alarmed when she notices that all the clocks have stopped in the lab and when the trains stopped running. She realized it was a trap and tried to warn everyone. But just like all good time travelers do, she shut herself up since she might have changed the past in ways she couldn’t imagine had she warned the others…though I would have taken that chance myself.

Stein's Gate Moeka SERN

Say, did you get a makeover?

Remember, kiddos, you saw it here first. Haha, man, I feel awesome having called this little development in some of my previous posts. Though Suzuha noted that Kurisu was a SERN spy, I couldn’t help but feel that took place in a different timeline and at a different moment. Kurisu wasn’t affiliated with any organization at the moment and had no suspicious behavior. The only one who acted strangely was Moeka. She only talked through her phone, she disappeared constantly, stole the IBM computer, freaked out when she heard about time-leaping, and has a strange fascination with the letters “FB”. Now, it’s not FaceBook, but it probably is an organization in the future, or a figure.

But if you look at it from the perspective of someone from the future, a group of people about to crack the secret of time-travel is a big no-no. Nuh-uh. It could spell disaster for the whole world if those people went out of control, so I can see the motivations behind their efforts. Even if they are the antagonists in this show, at least they have a reason to do so.

Stein's Gate Mayuri Death

RIP Mayuri

Honestly not my favorite character of the show, but an important one, nonetheless. Mayuri’s death is going to send ripples that grow into waves, if you get the figurative language. Anyways, Okabe is going to have a change of character or beliefs sooner or later as a result of this. I can only imagine that he’s going to be more determined to trump the “evil” organization, SERN, that did this than ever before.

But then again, given that the “real” Mayuri isn’t located in the present, there’s a good chance that she’s going to be making a reappearance in some shape or form. If you look at the opening sequence, you can see multiple Mayuris floating onscreen. Usually, opening sequences are a good indication of what’s going to happen in the anime soon, and I’ll take the opening for its word in this case. Multiple Mayuris across different timelines, what’s to say there’s not going to be some strange development that brings her back?

Stein's Gate MoekaStein's Gate MayuriStein's GateStein's Gate

Stein's Gate Okabe Rintarou Okarin Houoin KyoumaStein's Gate Mayuri MayushiiStein's Gate Kurisu OkabeStein's Gate Makise Kurisu

Stein's Gate Makise Kurisu OkabeStein's Gate Okabe Rintarou Daru KurisuStein's GateStein's Gate

Stein's Gate Mayuri DeathStein's Gate Makise Kurisu Okabe TsundereStein's Gate SERN Kurisu Okabe Mayuri DaruStein's Gate Mayuri Mayushii


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    or okabe might use the time memory leapt again to change that scene :)

  2. The following episodes could be entitled Madoka 10 Extended featuring Hououmura.
    I really like the length of your reviews as well as their design. Keep it up!

  3. The most surprising part in this episode filled with twists and turns was definitely Okabe becoming a “sensible person,”, as you say. :)

  4. Was thinking about marathoning this show after watching Ferris Nyan Nyan. I’ll probably just end up watching that video a thousand times though.

  5. Must resist revealing Visual Novel spoilers, lol. Were still no were close to the good parts of the story yet. Only thing bugging me is that the guys were masking, lol (In the VN the guys faces were visible).

  6. It’s interesting that you bring up a lot about Mayuri, and how there may be more to her than she lets on. I think I vaguely remember Mayuri mentioning that she has bad dreams sometimes (not too sure on this), and Okarin also seems to have “bad dreams”. I wonder if it’s a mere coincidence if it’s actually the case, or if there is a much larger explicit link here.

    The significance of these “dreams” that Okarin is seeing are rather interesting. Considering he has the reading steiner, could it be that he is “reading” the other possible world lines via dreams?

    • One thing I learned when watching all these shows is don’t take things at face value, because these shows are dropping hints like flies, in strange forms sometimes. :O

      Those dreams had some disembodied voice if I remember correctly… so he’s linked to some kind of time goddess? :/

  7. A couple of things held me back a bit from really enjoying this episode: why did the part-time warrior give in so easily after one game with Kurisu? A bit too convenient there. Also, it’s a bit a stretch to believe that a hacker like Daru would leave a direct port to CERN wide open. Hackers are by nature paranoid, so why would Daru do that?

    Sad that Mayuri was shot – but then again… it’s a time travel show! :)

    • Well, it might be for time’s sake – it would be a waste to focus a whole lot of time on the conflicts of those two characters. From what I hear, the visual novel is rather long.

      Daru doesn’t come across as the sharpest knife in the drawer, and even if he was…I have no idea how to explain that. I am no hacker.

      Cue time travel to change the past.

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