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Deadman Wonderland [END] – Thoughts? Close to None

Deadman Wonderland Shiro Ganta Wretched Egg Red Man Ace

Too bad that invulnerability won't help you now

Call me critical if you wish – I just cringe whenever I watch this anime. While there are probably quite a few of you out there who enjoyed the action and the gore from this show, I’m going to have to be the exception. I was enthusiastic about Deadman Wonderland at first, if you look at my previous posts, I was pumped up and eager. Now it’s like my mind just gave up hope in regards to this show, I can’t see it getting any better.

Deadman Wonderland Koshio Karaka Game Fowl HUD Owl Nagi

No dip?

Thank god, then, that this show ended where it did, which was a smart move on the anime producers’ part. Had they pushed on with this show, I would have been more bitter than a can of Guinness, seriously. Read the rest of this entry

Deadman Wonderland and Astarotte no Omocha! 11 Thoughts

I wanna peck you, get it?

God, this will probably one of the quickest posts I’ve ever made. As I’m writing this now, I give it a good ten minutes or so before I’m finished. This is because I want to keep it short. It’s been hell for me for the past few days and the work and commitments just keep on piling up. Still, I’ll try to stay up to date when time allows. On that note, I’m doing pretty well, aren’t I? Read the rest of this entry

Deadman Wonderland 8 – Your First Time?

Deadman Wonderland Makina Boobs

Well, is it?

Regardless of whether or not it’s your first time reading my blog, I’ve got a bunch of interesting stuff for you today concerning Deadman Wonderland, and it doesn’t all pertain to Makina’s generous bust.

Deadman Wonderland Shiro Ace Man Wretched eggDeadman Wonderland Ganta

Having been saved from Genkaku, the killer guitar-priest from the previous episode, by Shiro, the rest of the Scar Chains convene and come up with Read the rest of this entry


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