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No. 6 and Usagi Drop Episode 2 – She Wants Sex, You Chose a Rat?

No. 6 Anime Episode Review Ya! Prudctions 2 Shion Nezumi no. 5

Cool, so let me think - a dude or you?

Something tells me that Safu’s more than just a little horny. The sad thing is that Shion actually thought about sleeping with her or going off with a dude…which he did, or a rat to be more precise. Hooray for ambiguous sexuality! Despite all of that strangeness, I find myself quite enjoying this show. The initially beautiful utopia is slowly degenerating into something along the lines of a totalitarian state; I wonder if the other numbered cities are the same. Oh boy, I could rant for ages thanks to this anime. All the good stuff like government, morality, yadda yadda yadda.

Usagi Drop Anime Manga Review Episode 2 Rin Daikichi

He's got a way with the ladies

Blurgh, covering two shows a day just might kill me, and with my location being the other side of the world from where most of my readers come from, I’m bound to be a bit late anyways. Nevermind that for now, I’ll probably save that for my death post (*le gaspeh, will there even be one?) and for now, let’s get on to Usagi Drop and No. 6, though the latter will be first. Weird how things pan out.

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You Dropped 6 Rabbits in My Soup [First Impressions of Some Shows]

Usagi Drop Rin

The backgrounds are amazing

I’m positively in love with the artistic stylings of the new anime, Usagi Drop. While I initially cast off the rather strange artwork as being a byproduct of a lack of skill, I can see that’s not the case. This isn’t one of your moe-blob shows, so don’t expect anything along the lines of K-ON or Baka to Test.

Usagi Drop Rin Daikichi

Unrealistic situation, touching story

I’ll be the first to say that this sort of development is really far-fetched. What 70 year-old goes off and has a child behind his family’s back? But I digress, it’s a work of fiction and so, my suspension of belief will have to hold for now. Once you look past the odd set-up, you’ll be able to appreciate Usagi Drop for what it is, a touching tale of bonding between the black sheep of the family. (PS. No. 6 is also in this post.) Read the rest of this entry


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