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Stein’s Gate Episode 12- Mind-Messin’

Stein's Gate Makise Kurisu Tsundere Okabe Rintarou


Compared to the other shows of the season, there really isn’t anything that I can complain about in regards to Stein’s Gate. The pacing is well done and the comedic scenes are well-balanced with the ones with more serious under-tones. I’m going to gloss over plot summaries for now because I’m sure that all of you out here have already watched this episode. And really, with a show this captivating, how could you not?

Stein's Gate Mayuri MayushiiNot quite sure what to make of this particular development. So Mayuri in the “present” is not the original, and neither is the Okabe in the “present”, they are simply themselves in the future, but in a different timeline than their own. Hm, I guess that sums it up and it’s a bit confusing. What that implies is that both Okabe and Mayuri have some special significance that basically pulls them from the standard realm of reality and places them in a different position all together from everyone else. That would explain Okabe’s ability to retain memories from a world line shift, and there’s also the possiblity that Mayuri has the same power as well. She never did let on whether or not she had it. There’s more to her than meets the eye. Read the rest of this entry


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