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The Butterfly Effect – Stein’s Gate 9

Stein's Gate Kurisu Butterfly Effect

The fact that the Butterfly Effect is showing just how much effect it can have is making my interest in this anime rise like magma in a volcano. No joke. And it doesn’t help that Feyris has an irresistible charm. Who could possibly withstand all those nya~s?

Stein's Gate 9 Kyouma Okabe Feyris


And now, we finally get a taste of what time-travel can really dole out. Specifically, a single D-Mail from Feyris leads to a whole section of Tokyo to completely change, that is, Akiba is no longer the otaku haven it once was. Okabe is obviously shocked at the development and so are we, which forces us to think, if things are constantly changing, how Read the rest of this entry

Stein’s Gate Episode 8 – The Adventures of Pinocchi-ette

Stein's Gate 8 - Moeka and the Microwave

Here's your blue flashes

I should start naming this the epilepsy show. I mean, just think about how many doses of blue flashes we get each week. Quite a few, if I remember correctly. That aside, this episode was one hell of a mind-bender (okay, not really), but it still had me wondering throughout the whole show, “What next?”

Stein's Gate 8 Mad Scientist

Sure looks like one

We pick up where we were last episode, with Okabe ranting on and on about how John Titor was being ridiculous by even suggesting that Okabe be the “messiah” who’ll save the world. Of course, his reluctance to experiment eventually lets up and he and the rest of the gang return to their favorite activity: microwaving bananas. Oh joy.

Stein's Gate 8 Kurisu and Okabe

However, Kurisu objects to the experiments, saying that it’s unfair to change the past in any way whatsoever. Yet, when Okabe presses her on this, she shifts into tsundere mode and adamantly claims that she’s not supportive of his experiments, though she’s present when they take place. Moeka interrupts the both of them during their talk by asking if she could send a D-mail into the past. Strangely enough, when they do send the D-mail, not only does Okabe experience his “power” kicking in, Moeka also disappears from the other lab members’ memories. Hm…. and Pinochi-ette? Why didn’t you ask earlier?

Stein's Gate Trap

"I want to be a real little girl."

I hereby dub Ruka Pinocchi-ette since the focus of the latter, lighter-toned segment is about how Ruka asks Okabe if she could possibly send a D-mail to her mother in the past. Apparently, she overheard them talking while she was on the way to deliver a watermelon and decided to jump on the chance. If you have no idea why Ruka would want to send a D-mail, think hard.

Stein's Gate 8 Okabe and his mind attack

Same here

Yeah, you guessed it, Ruka wants to become a girl. But then again, with a trap that well-laid, anybody would fall for it. He doesn’t even need breasts. Heck, Daru can attest to that.

Stein's Gate 8 Daru cute is justice


Okabe’s obviously still reeling from the shock John Titor gave him, as you can see. He just can’t seem to come to grips with the fact that he has a special ability to change the past and remain unchanged himself. It’s a handy one to be sure, with it he could do a lot of things that people would only dream of. That’s the dangerous part, though, and it’s a good thing that Okabe’s hinted at this. You don’t know for sure exactly what you’re going to change by altering the past, it could wind up being good, or it could cause everything to go to hell. There’s a fine line the “secret” lab has to cross during these experiments.

Yet it’s also good to see Okabe taking some risks, for example, by actually doing the experiments. The changes thus far haven’t been significant, and the one at the very end of the episode was a cliffhanger. Ruka didn’t manage to turn into a girl so we’re left to wonder about what actually did change. In all likelihood, it’s going to be something seemingly unrelated and unexpected at first. However, I think this change is actually going to be the crux of the events to come in the coming weeks, why do I say that? I don’t know, just a gut feeling. On that note, I have an inkling that Moeka sent a different message than the one she said she would. What do I mean? I mean that though she wanted to change her phone in the past, I think she sent something else. That’s the most reasonable explanation as to why the other lab members don’t recall a Moeka ever existing.

Anyways, this episode also gets into the topic of ethics and time travel. Is it really right and/or moral to go back in time and change things, even if they are seemingly minuscule? Forget the Butterfly Effect and all the woe one dead caterpillar can bring, let’s just talk about the right and wrong. And why do people even think it’s wrong to change the past in the first place? Is it because one person benefits and another doesn’t? Or is it bad because it defeats the whole purpose of people’s hard work and their belief in “destiny”, so to speak.


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