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Astarotte no Omocha 10 and Deadman Wonderland 10 – Quick Post

Deadman Wonderland Ganta

"Ganta... You're doing it wrong"

 Words can’t describe how much I hate Ganta. For one thing, he’s a wimp and can’t stop whining. Then he has the balls (ironic, huh?) to ask why things don’t go his way and why nobody’s kneeling at his feet? As far as story mechanics go, it would be a great place to change the focus the story. Move on to Senji and/or Owl and make the anime center on them. They are far more interesting and I bet you could weave a gripping tale by following their ventures. Do it LA Noire style and I’ll be a happy camper.

Astarotte no Omocha Mercelida

The reason I watch this anime

I’m almost scared by how much loli they shove into this show and that makes the fact that I’m currently enjoying this more than Deadman Wonderland a pity. It had an interesting premise- but between a horrible main lead, crappy animation, and a snooze-inducing story, there isn’t much to like. And I’m trying to like Deadman Wonderland.

Astarotte no Omocha Lotte loli

Art is amazing

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Deadman Wonderland Episode 9 – Girl Takes Enough Steroids to Lug Cloud’s Buster Sword

Deadman Wonderland Buster Sword Final Fantasy VII Cloud Undertaker Extra, extra, read all about it! Little girl takes enough growth hormone to successfully lug around Cloud’s Buster Sword! Oh lordy, just look at the thing, the shape there is exactly the same, and what’s that I see? Materia? Are you kidding me? They have freakin’ Materia orbs in the sword?

Oh, and before I forget, I’d like to direct you guys to this lovely article. I wonder who could have written it? Feel free to comment on the article and look around the site.

Deadman Wonderland Koshio Karaka Game Fowl HUD

Cool-looking game HUD

The Carnival of Corpses game show might be put on hold, but that doesn’t mean Deadman Wonderland’s going to lay off the gore. Oh no, they decided to up the intensity of everything. The worst the show ever got in the past was having blood splatter all over the place and an odd eyeball here or there. Now, they chop off Nagi’s arm and slice off chunks off meat. I won’t be eating steaks for a while. Read the rest of this entry

Deadman Wonderland 8 – Your First Time?

Deadman Wonderland Makina Boobs

Well, is it?

Regardless of whether or not it’s your first time reading my blog, I’ve got a bunch of interesting stuff for you today concerning Deadman Wonderland, and it doesn’t all pertain to Makina’s generous bust.

Deadman Wonderland Shiro Ace Man Wretched eggDeadman Wonderland Ganta

Having been saved from Genkaku, the killer guitar-priest from the previous episode, by Shiro, the rest of the Scar Chains convene and come up with Read the rest of this entry

Deadman Wonderland 7 – Going Weasel Hunting

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Weasel hunting Makina

Better bring your rifle

But really, a rifle’s not going to help much if you’re against a bunch of dudes who can whip out WMDs made out of their own blood. You’d better hope that the one you fight has diabetes, Makina. At least weasel hunting’s not the only thing that happened this week, we get a few new character introductions among other things and we finally learn who cooked that rotten egg, er, Wretched Egg.

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Koshio Karako Game Fowl

Anyone reminded of Bakemonogatari?

Let’s get this over with quickly: Shiro and the old Director duke it out in a secret room some place far off, wherever, and the Director gets beaten. Lying in a pool of his own blood, he addresses Shiro by the name, Wretched Egg.

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Shiro Wretched Egg Branches of Sin

This "Wretched Egg" won't even taste good scrambled

The fight with Shiro created a big disturbance in the prison and left lot of things broken. In the aftermath of that fight, the Ganta and Crow talk about Aceman, which reminds Ganta about his time with Shiro ten years ago. Turns out that Ganta’s mother was one of the scientists at the research institute Shiro was kept in. And not one to be tricked, Chief Guard Makina is dead-set (Herp Derp. Pun.) on finding out what caused the quake and just what is going on in the prison.

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Scar chain members Owl Koshio Karako Game Fowl

You thought wrong, m'boy

Anyway, that woman over there in the yellow robe is Koshio Karako, aka Game Fowl, who attacks Ganta and drags him over to the Scar Chains’ headquarter, still within the prison of course. She asks him to join them as their mission is to tell the whole world of the atrocities that take place in Deadman Wonderland. Her boss, Owl, comes along and tries to persuade Ganta as well, even changing Minatsuki’s penalty game in order to win his favor.

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Minatsuki laughs

No biggie, just gonna get my ears lobbed off

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Priest uses guitar gun

Damn, what I would do with this thing...

Unfortunately though, a strange new priest comes along and attacks the Scar Chains. Before he does that though, he throws a defeated Yo on the ground to show his power. Ganta’s Branches of Sin turn out to be ineffective too, and all seems hopeless. Shucks, what’s going to happen next?

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Shiro and Ganta talk about superheroes

Once again, the action scenes in this anime are tight and relatively well animated. Save for a few crooked faces in this episode, the animation was stellar as compared to the last few episodes. So kudos to the staff for upping the ante a bit and keeping the art consistent.

Also, it was a good idea to flesh out the backstory between Ganta and Shiro. What’s got me really thinking is what role Ganta’s mother played in regards to the testing on Shiro, that is, if they did any testing. Keep in mind that I still haven’t watched the first four episodes.

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Promoter Takami Tamaki plays with lego

Where's mah lego?

And just as we seem to get comfortable with the whole situation in the prison, Promoter Takami throws a wrench into the whole mix by revealing his intention to take over. I don’t see why he would hesitate to do so, given that the Director was just recently defeated by Shiro. But would his regime bring about any change? Or is the show basically saying that the Director is currently keeping it “under control”, so to speak.

Forgive me for not being the most knowledgeable, but I really am pondering on what the meaning of Shiro being the Wretched Egg entails. Does this mean she’s the Red Man who slaughtered all of Ganta’s classmates? I’m pretty sure that all signs point to yes, but this show’s strange nature makes me question even the most seemingly obvious inferences.

And now let’s talk about Scar Chain, Ganta’s new posse. They appear to be friendly enough people with the right intentions yet there’s this part of me that’s telling me to throw them into a light of suspicion. Them being the righteous white knights of the prison is too good to be true. Duality is a huge part of this anime and we were just treated to a heavy dose of that last week with Minatsuki turning out to be a sadistic, twisted girl. After that, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if it turned out one of the Scar Chains was secretly using the organization for his/her own ends.

On another note, the colorful hues of the Carnival of Corpses are in stark juxtaposition to the killing that goes on there. It gives off a sense of inhumanity on the audience’s and the administrator’s part. To separate themselves so far from the killing that they can consider it something to revel in is unthought of for us in this day and age and shows just how far human nature can bend. Without a doubt though, this hasn’t been absent throughout human history. We see examples of this in Rome, via Gladiator matches, where the victor lives and the loser is at the whim of the emperor.

Are there any other instances where this took place in history? I can’t come up with any off the top of my head, but perhaps one of you guys could fill me in.

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Deadman Wonderland 6 – Dattebayo Effect & How the Anime Ends

Deadman Wonderland Ganta looks like Naruto


I call this the Dattebayo Effect. Discovered and developed by Professor Naruto, this is a universal law of animu that holds steadfast season through season. Bascially, a main character will break his opponent’s disillusioned view of the world by shouting some pretty inspiring lines. Of course, the other person won’t listen. And what do you do to make others understand your point of view?

A headbutt.

Bam. Illusions destroyed, character becomes an ally.

Deadman Wonderland Minatsuki looks like Gaara

On another note, I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a huge drop in the quality of the animation in Deadman Wonderland during this week’s episode, it was almost off-putting. Along with that, some of the close-ups of Minatsuki (above) when she went maniacal are just… odd. Her eyes are all over the place and her mouth twists in creepy ways. Speaking of creepy…

Deadman Wonderland Why so serious? Joker, I guess

Why so serious?

Yeah, he doesn’t seem to be too important to the whole story. But you never know. Heck, this guy ate everything Ganta gave him, even the tray. I bet he’ll be the mastermind behind the whole escape as well as the facilitator. And how do the prisoners escape, you ask? Well, you see, after Ganta dukes it out with some big bad baddie near the end of the last episode, he’ll be dead-tired and collapse on the ground. That’s when fat little Joker over here goes ahead and picks him up. He’ll then proceed to eat his way out of prison, iron walls, gates, and all. What a guy. Who needs Ganta when you’ve got this overweight pig?

Wow. I’m an amazing writer, I should really get into writing stories.


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