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Ao no Exorcist Episode 10 – Woops, Forgot to Put a Title

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What's this? A beach episode?

Hold on and don’t get your little panties in a bunch, but unfortunately for you lot, the beach episode is set to take place next week, right in the middle of summer. Oh you lucky, boys, you. But what takes in this episode is far from the fan-service you (might) desire. Yes, this episode explores some of Father Fujimoto’s past and shows the folks over at Shonen Jump that sometimes the fans get bored of constant fighting. Seriously.

Ao no Exorcist Blue Yukio


Agh, Yukio, stop! Stop looking at me, it makes me feel all weird. Alright, alright, I’ll use my awesome abridging skills just for you. Now you won’t have to wade through boatloads of text for the summary- so just stop staring already. Read the rest of this entry


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