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Butlers VS Idols! [First Episode Look]

Mayo Chiki Chicken Butler Kinjiro Sakamichi Subaru Konoe Kanade Suzutsuki

I think I'm in love <3

A common problem I seem to run into every anime season is remembering all of the characters’ names. There’s easily six to seven prominent characters in each show, plus a few extras or two. Unfortunately, not all of these characters are interesting enough so as to catch my attention. I foresee that as a huge problem for the new anime IdolM@ster given that the main cast of girls consists of no less than 10 girls – they even have a rival group! I probably won’t have a problem remembering Mayo Chiki’s Suzutsuki, though. What other gal slaps teachers senseless with wads of cash?

Idolmaster Idolm@ster visual novel galge ero ecchi Anime 2011 Episode 1

So...erm...I didn't catch your name...s...

So let’s start with IdolM@ster, the galge-turned-anime that everyone’s been waiting for. The anime’s obvious selling point is going to be its characters – there’s a truckload of them. Having gone through a transition from an Xbox 360 game, IdolM@ster didn’t come out unscathed. The episode came across as being rushed, fragmented, and quite frankly, choppy. The video cuts between the various girls and shows them going about their normal day as an idol. This would be all honky-dory in the game itself, a lot of time would be put into the development of these girls’ characters, but in an anime with a runtime of a measly twenty four minutes, trying to squeeze all ten girls in one episode was a bad idea. Read the rest of this entry


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