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Natsume Yuchinjou San Ep. 2 & Yuru Yuri Ep 2 [Boobslap, Ouch]

Yuru Yuri Akarin Chinatsu Anime Episode 2 Review Loli Boobslap

Freaking god, ouch! Never thought that I would see this in an anime, and Akarin’s boob dribbling comment just made me lose all control. I couldn’t stop laughing. So yes, this show is full on the laughs and the randomness, but that’s perfectly fine. This show’s humor is its saving grace, even if it doesn’t have a coherent plotline.

Natsume Yuuchinjou San Episode 2 Review Anime Nyanko Sensei

This dude voiced Shinji

I just realized something. The seiyuu of Natsume sounds like/is the seiyuu for Beelzebub from Yondemasuyo Azazel-san and Shinji from Fate/Stay Night. He’s got quite the pedigree, indeed. That doesn’t excuse him from my scrutiny however and this latest episode was a bit of a bummer. After its strong first episode, the second one proved to be a bit weaker in all departments, mainly in how smoothly everything was handled. Read the rest of this entry


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