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Deadman Wonderland 7 – Going Weasel Hunting

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Weasel hunting Makina

Better bring your rifle

But really, a rifle’s not going to help much if you’re against a bunch of dudes who can whip out WMDs made out of their own blood. You’d better hope that the one you fight has diabetes, Makina. At least weasel hunting’s not the only thing that happened this week, we get a few new character introductions among other things and we finally learn who cooked that rotten egg, er, Wretched Egg.

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Koshio Karako Game Fowl

Anyone reminded of Bakemonogatari?

Let’s get this over with quickly: Shiro and the old Director duke it out in a secret room some place far off, wherever, and the Director gets beaten. Lying in a pool of his own blood, he addresses Shiro by the name, Wretched Egg.

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Shiro Wretched Egg Branches of Sin

This "Wretched Egg" won't even taste good scrambled

The fight with Shiro created a big disturbance in the prison and left lot of things broken. In the aftermath of that fight, the Ganta and Crow talk about Aceman, which reminds Ganta about his time with Shiro ten years ago. Turns out that Ganta’s mother was one of the scientists at the research institute Shiro was kept in. And not one to be tricked, Chief Guard Makina is dead-set (Herp Derp. Pun.) on finding out what caused the quake and just what is going on in the prison.

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Scar chain members Owl Koshio Karako Game Fowl

You thought wrong, m'boy

Anyway, that woman over there in the yellow robe is Koshio Karako, aka Game Fowl, who attacks Ganta and drags him over to the Scar Chains’ headquarter, still within the prison of course. She asks him to join them as their mission is to tell the whole world of the atrocities that take place in Deadman Wonderland. Her boss, Owl, comes along and tries to persuade Ganta as well, even changing Minatsuki’s penalty game in order to win his favor.

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Minatsuki laughs

No biggie, just gonna get my ears lobbed off

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Priest uses guitar gun

Damn, what I would do with this thing...

Unfortunately though, a strange new priest comes along and attacks the Scar Chains. Before he does that though, he throws a defeated Yo on the ground to show his power. Ganta’s Branches of Sin turn out to be ineffective too, and all seems hopeless. Shucks, what’s going to happen next?

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Shiro and Ganta talk about superheroes

Once again, the action scenes in this anime are tight and relatively well animated. Save for a few crooked faces in this episode, the animation was stellar as compared to the last few episodes. So kudos to the staff for upping the ante a bit and keeping the art consistent.

Also, it was a good idea to flesh out the backstory between Ganta and Shiro. What’s got me really thinking is what role Ganta’s mother played in regards to the testing on Shiro, that is, if they did any testing. Keep in mind that I still haven’t watched the first four episodes.

Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド Promoter Takami Tamaki plays with lego

Where's mah lego?

And just as we seem to get comfortable with the whole situation in the prison, Promoter Takami throws a wrench into the whole mix by revealing his intention to take over. I don’t see why he would hesitate to do so, given that the Director was just recently defeated by Shiro. But would his regime bring about any change? Or is the show basically saying that the Director is currently keeping it “under control”, so to speak.

Forgive me for not being the most knowledgeable, but I really am pondering on what the meaning of Shiro being the Wretched Egg entails. Does this mean she’s the Red Man who slaughtered all of Ganta’s classmates? I’m pretty sure that all signs point to yes, but this show’s strange nature makes me question even the most seemingly obvious inferences.

And now let’s talk about Scar Chain, Ganta’s new posse. They appear to be friendly enough people with the right intentions yet there’s this part of me that’s telling me to throw them into a light of suspicion. Them being the righteous white knights of the prison is too good to be true. Duality is a huge part of this anime and we were just treated to a heavy dose of that last week with Minatsuki turning out to be a sadistic, twisted girl. After that, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if it turned out one of the Scar Chains was secretly using the organization for his/her own ends.

On another note, the colorful hues of the Carnival of Corpses are in stark juxtaposition to the killing that goes on there. It gives off a sense of inhumanity on the audience’s and the administrator’s part. To separate themselves so far from the killing that they can consider it something to revel in is unthought of for us in this day and age and shows just how far human nature can bend. Without a doubt though, this hasn’t been absent throughout human history. We see examples of this in Rome, via Gladiator matches, where the victor lives and the loser is at the whim of the emperor.

Are there any other instances where this took place in history? I can’t come up with any off the top of my head, but perhaps one of you guys could fill me in.

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Ao no Exorcist Episode 5 Review

Ao no Exorcist I'll kill Satan, says Rin

Typical shonen, but it's not bad, is it?

Oh boy, I’m getting all giddy with excitement. I know I wrote this anime off as being typically shonen, full of the pumped up shouting and all, but that doesn’t make it a bad show at all. And now with some of the recent developments in this week’s episode we see the establishment of several plot points that will surely play a huge role in the future.

Ao no Exorcist Tiger vs Dragon?

The sparks fly

First off, we get the hot-blooded rivalry between two like-minded individuals. Rin’s rival comes in the form of Ryuji Suguro, the son of a “cursed” temple who’s determined to kill Satan to restore his family name. Oh, and on that note, it’s nice that we finally got some background information surrounding the events that took place before the show started. We realize now that the temple full of burning priests in the first episode was the incident which tarnished Ryuji’s family name and condemned the temple. All the villagers ridicule Ryuji as they believe him and his family to be cursed.

Ao no Exorcist Suguro is hated by his village

Much like a certain orange-garbed ninja...

Don’t forget Shiemi, though, because it seems that Rin has an avid interest in her. And he’s interested in more than being friends, methinks. However, when Shiemi asks Rin for friendship, he gets embarrassed in front of Ryuji and flat out rejects her. Huh, ain’t that teenage drama? Anyways, Shiemi was obviously hurt and you could see it in her face. Rin, you idiot, I thought you had an interest in this girl.

Ao no Exorcist Mephistopheles looking at Tokyo

Mephistopheles meeting someone over Tokyo, this doesn't bode well

Now, I’m by no means an expert in demonology and all those occult-related names, but if I remember correctly, Mephistopheles was a demon or human that was really cruel in the past. He loved death and even enjoyed it, but feel free to correct me if any of you out there has more credible information than me. With that in mind, I think it’s safe to say that Mephistopheles is more than the hyperactive principal he first appeared to be. I have an inkling that he’s going to betray everyone or at least play a part in a demon invasion of the human world. And without a doubt, he’s going to try use Rin to do so.

That’s all just foreshadowing on my part, though. What does Mephistopheles have to do with Satan and the demons, and is Rin’s familial line of demons going to cause him problems down the road?

Deadman Wonderland – Quick Overview

Deadman Wonderland Similar to rasenganDeadman Wonderland really stands out from the other anime of this season for many reasons. It has an interesting concept going for it in the form of the death game carnival setting. And the art is beautiful, no less. One thing I’m not sold on are the character designs for Shiro and Ganta, but those are trivial things when taken in context.

Deadman Wonderland caught between two swords The scene that shocked me the most this week was the eye extraction scene. Even though it was censored it was still gruesome and you could just feel it from the cries of pain.

And for some reason, despite all these gory scenes, I just can’t tear myself away from this show, there’s something so hypnotizing about it. It definitely helps that the fight scenes in this anime are short and straight to the point. The big three shonen anime, One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto, tend to draw out their battles across many episodes, so I commend Deadman Wonderland from straying from the typical shonen formula.

Deadman Wonderland Shiro holds a head

But anyways, is it the social commentary of the show? Or is it the story or characters? I don’t know. But this is definitely one of the shows that’ll keep me coming back for more in the coming weeks.

Note that I haven’t watched the previous four episodes so this is just a quick review. I’ll be sure to do a full write up of the whole series later, including the episodes I missed. And as always, feel free to leave comments and subscribe.

Riko (Hidan) no Aria Episode 5

Hidan no Aria Riko

Cute and evil, a deadly combo

Just a quick note, I apologize for the wrong title of my review from last week, it was actually the fourth episode, making today the fifth. Whew, with that off of my chest, let’s get started.

Hidan no Aria

Speaking of getting started...

From now on, I’m going to try to move away from simply writing episode summaries and put more substance into them. So with that, let’s make this one very short. Basically, Riko faces off against Kinji and Aria only to be defeated and forced to run away. Before she does this though, she taunts Kinji and asks him if he wants to join her mysterious organization, EU, where he’ll be able to see his brother.

Hidan no Aria

Even after eliminating the threat that was Riko, the two Butei have to face the challenge of landing a private airliner. What’s worse, the government has given up all hope on the pair and order them to crash into the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Japan. The other Butei are furious about this and set up a make-shift landing pad on a vacant plot of land in the middle of Tokyo.

After this ordeal, Kinji refuses Aria’s offer to become her partner at first before he realizes what a mistake he’s made. He then begs her to stay, which she happily complies to. Happy ending? No, not for everyone.

Hidan no Aria

They say love is a double-edged sword

Due to Shirayuki’s ever decreasing appearances in this anime, I guess it’s safe to say that she’s going to remain a side character for a long time despite her childhood friend status to Kinji. Then again, there’s a possibility that she’s going to have an arc focused on her in the future, in which case she’ll became a major player, though her love for Kinji wont’ ever bear fruit.

Moving on from that, I wonder… what is EU? It’s got the same initials as the European Union does, and considering that Aria and Riko’s family lineages trace back to England and some other European countries, there could be a connection. Maybe the masterminds behind everything that will occur in this series are there. It’s all speculation on my part though.

Speaking of speculation, it’s odd how Kinji and Aria’s relationship didn’t change much after they kissed on the plane. Granted, Aria was kind of tipsy off of the medicine and Kinji was in his lady-killer mode. But still, you’d expect some form of embarrassment between the two, and yet, they act completely the same as they did in the past few episodes.

Ao no Exorcist – Episode 4 Review

You don't say

All right, I’ll keep this brief as I don’t really feel too attached to this show. There just isn’t enough character power to keep me hooked. Rin seemed interesting at first but devolved into a problem-child-soon-to-turn-into-a-hero kind of character, and that just put me off. The way I see it, he’s going to grow as a character a la Naruto Uzumaki, and ain’t that a thrill?

The only character that had me gripped was Rin’s father, but of course, the producers just had to off their best character right at the start.

What’s with that crying girl, you ask? Well, I’ll try to make things easy. Rin and Yukio go out to an exorcist shop so that Yukio can stock up on some demon hunting supplies while Rin goes around the back since he’s bored. He accidentally breaks the garden gates and a surprised little girl by the name of Shiemi Moriyama gets startled. Viewers are quick to realize that she has a crush on Yukio and has trouble walking.


That’s right, she can’t walk due to a demon possessing her legs. See, demons get into people through the emptiness and sorrow in their souls and with Shiemi’s grandmother dead and guilt bearing down on her, it was a cinch for the demon to get into her body. Rin tries his best to help Shiemi and the whole ordeal turns into something of a scream fest where Shiemi and Rin both shout things along the lines of, “I’ll help you!” “But I can’t walk!” “You will if you let me help!”

Something like that. I have to admit that I was a little bit moved by this scene. The sheer drive in Rin’s voice and the desire to move on with life in Shiemi’s voice touched me.

Way to kill the mood, Yukio. So yeah, Shiemi is fine. She then enrolls in Rin’s class so that she can become an exorcist and get closer to Yukio-sensei.


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