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Ao no Exorcist Episode 8 – Yukio Leaves And…?

Ao no Exorcist Blue Rin SatanI can’t help but get a little bit of an adrenaline rush whenever I see a character releasing their limit-breaking ability. Try and tell me you weren’t excited when Rock Lee started to open some of his Chakra Gates or that you weren’t the least bit eager when Ichigo went into his Hollow/Bankai form. Sadly, Rin’s fight this episode wasn’t anything too remarkable.

Ao no Exorcist Blue Rin Shiemi Teacher YukioI thought I was trolled by [gg] Fansubs when I saw this part of the episode, but thankfully, the weird subtitles were attributed to the fact that the woman talked a bit weirdly. And speaking of the woman, just what is she? I dread the day she becomes a regular part of Read the rest of this entry

Ao no Exorcist Episode 7 Review – Henshin!

Ao no Exorcist Blue Izumo Kamiki Summons Familiars


No, Ao no Exorcist didn’t turn into a magical shoujo sort of show, but when Izumo Kamiki summons her familiars for the first time it certainly gives off that feel (Henshin!). And to anyone that’s watched Zero no Tsukaima, the importance of a familiar is second to none. They are practically the only thing standing between the summoner and their foe. No wonder they’re so vital.

Ao no Exorcist Blue Izumo Kamiki Summons Familiars Fox


Yeah, that seems to be Kamiki’s new catchphrase, she’d even do it in her undies. Imagine if you uttered that in the streets whenever you wanted your damn dog to finish dropping a turd on the sidewalk. “What a twat,” a person on the street might say as they observe you twirling about on the pavement. “Oh, what a joke.”

Ao no Exorcist Blue Moriyama Shieme Summons Familiar Ni

Meet Ni-chan, another Pokemon reject

Ao no Exorcist Blue Izumo Kamiki Shiemi Moriyama Friends help

Not in the way you're thinking

Enough about my musings for now as there are bigger demons to fry here. With the horrible car-crash of an episode that was last-week’s behind us and Rin and Bon on relatively friendly terms with each other, the show takes us through the struggles of Shiemi as she attempts to make friends. Despite her ability in summoning a familiar (look at that green Pokemon-esque creature up top), fellow classmate and summoner Izumo Kamiki gives her hell and takes advantage of Shiemi’s willingness to appease.

Ao no Exorcist Blue Rin and Shiemi

Rin notices this but doesn’t move in to help Shiemi until the whole class gets called to his dormitory for training camp. Before Rin can give Shiemi a good lecture, Kamiki screams and Rin rushes off to help her. Her friend, Paku, is in danger and is only saved when Shiemi manages to heal her wounds with the help of her familiar. Meanwhile, Kamiki stays in the background unable to do anything. The fact that Paku disapproved of her attitude towards Shiemi shook her up pretty bad.

However, while Shiemi was tending to the wounds of her classmate, Rin squares off against a demon who constantly apologizes for attacking his “Young Master”. And when the demon runs away, we’re treated to this interesting tidbit.

Ao no Exorcist Blue Demon Rin

Okay, I feel sorry for you

Shiemi’s growth in this episode was admirable. She finally gathered up the courage that was needed, on her part, to make friends. It was just unfortunate that her feelings of companionship weren’t reciprocated in kind by Kamiki at first. But since Paku and Rin confronted her about it, there’s surely going to be some change going on. Also, considering that Paku is leaving the Exorcist class, Kamiki and Shiemi will be the only two girls left, so they don’t have much of a choice but to get along with one another anyhow.

Oh, and Rin is going to choose to become a Knight, isn’t that cool? Then again, I don’t know if it was necessary to put labels on the various different fighting styles in this anime. It seems too similar to an MMORPG in the end.

And besides Ukobach, the “terrifying” cooking demon from the last episode, Ni-chan, Shiemi’s familiar, is looking to become the next cute mascot character of this anime. There’s Happy, a blue flying cat, in Fairy Tails, so why not a green-plant midget of sorts?

Speaking of familiars, the professor who taught the Exorcist class how to summon turned out to be a bad guy. Yet, the way he addressed himself leads me to wonder whether or not he’s in his right mind or whether he’s being controlled by a demonic being. Also, Mephisto Pheles isn’t all he seems and he could very well be linked to the attack on Rin this episode. What does this mean for Rin, and what are the shadows behind the scenes thinking?

Read the rest of this entry

Ao no Exorcist is Now Cooking Anime [BS] – Ao no Chef Episode 6

Ao no Exorcist Cooking manga

It's official

In order to revitalize the title and make it more appealing to the core anime viewing audience, A-1 Pictures has officially moved the series in a new direction. Why, just check out the rest of this post to find out the details.

Ao no Exorcist Father awesome character

Return of my favorite character

Interested? Well, sorry to disappoint; that was a total pile of crap. If anything, that would only serve to drive the viewers away. Speaking of viewers, what the hell were A-1 Pictures thinking when they decided to make this episode cooking-centric?

Ao no Exorcist not much of a demon

Er... really terrifying

I’ve been wondering ever since Yukia and Rin moved into their isolated dorms, who cooks for them? It’s an abandoned place for crying out loud. Honestly, I never saw this coming, there’s a cooking demon named Ukobach (Hey, don’t discriminate) that apparently loves to cook and serve children. Oooh, I’m shaking.

Ao no Exorcist Yup, there’s your token anime mascot that attempts to act all cute. God, he looks like a Pokemon reject.As for story development, I can’t say there was any. It was a fun little diversion but in the end equals to nothing but filler. At least this anime taught us a valuable lesson: never throw away your food. Otherwise, Ukobach will come along and fry you in a dishpan. Serve ‘em while it’s hot! Ciao!

Ao no Exorcist Episode 5 Review

Ao no Exorcist I'll kill Satan, says Rin

Typical shonen, but it's not bad, is it?

Oh boy, I’m getting all giddy with excitement. I know I wrote this anime off as being typically shonen, full of the pumped up shouting and all, but that doesn’t make it a bad show at all. And now with some of the recent developments in this week’s episode we see the establishment of several plot points that will surely play a huge role in the future.

Ao no Exorcist Tiger vs Dragon?

The sparks fly

First off, we get the hot-blooded rivalry between two like-minded individuals. Rin’s rival comes in the form of Ryuji Suguro, the son of a “cursed” temple who’s determined to kill Satan to restore his family name. Oh, and on that note, it’s nice that we finally got some background information surrounding the events that took place before the show started. We realize now that the temple full of burning priests in the first episode was the incident which tarnished Ryuji’s family name and condemned the temple. All the villagers ridicule Ryuji as they believe him and his family to be cursed.

Ao no Exorcist Suguro is hated by his village

Much like a certain orange-garbed ninja...

Don’t forget Shiemi, though, because it seems that Rin has an avid interest in her. And he’s interested in more than being friends, methinks. However, when Shiemi asks Rin for friendship, he gets embarrassed in front of Ryuji and flat out rejects her. Huh, ain’t that teenage drama? Anyways, Shiemi was obviously hurt and you could see it in her face. Rin, you idiot, I thought you had an interest in this girl.

Ao no Exorcist Mephistopheles looking at Tokyo

Mephistopheles meeting someone over Tokyo, this doesn't bode well

Now, I’m by no means an expert in demonology and all those occult-related names, but if I remember correctly, Mephistopheles was a demon or human that was really cruel in the past. He loved death and even enjoyed it, but feel free to correct me if any of you out there has more credible information than me. With that in mind, I think it’s safe to say that Mephistopheles is more than the hyperactive principal he first appeared to be. I have an inkling that he’s going to betray everyone or at least play a part in a demon invasion of the human world. And without a doubt, he’s going to try use Rin to do so.

That’s all just foreshadowing on my part, though. What does Mephistopheles have to do with Satan and the demons, and is Rin’s familial line of demons going to cause him problems down the road?

Ao no Exorcist – Episode 4 Review

You don't say

All right, I’ll keep this brief as I don’t really feel too attached to this show. There just isn’t enough character power to keep me hooked. Rin seemed interesting at first but devolved into a problem-child-soon-to-turn-into-a-hero kind of character, and that just put me off. The way I see it, he’s going to grow as a character a la Naruto Uzumaki, and ain’t that a thrill?

The only character that had me gripped was Rin’s father, but of course, the producers just had to off their best character right at the start.

What’s with that crying girl, you ask? Well, I’ll try to make things easy. Rin and Yukio go out to an exorcist shop so that Yukio can stock up on some demon hunting supplies while Rin goes around the back since he’s bored. He accidentally breaks the garden gates and a surprised little girl by the name of Shiemi Moriyama gets startled. Viewers are quick to realize that she has a crush on Yukio and has trouble walking.


That’s right, she can’t walk due to a demon possessing her legs. See, demons get into people through the emptiness and sorrow in their souls and with Shiemi’s grandmother dead and guilt bearing down on her, it was a cinch for the demon to get into her body. Rin tries his best to help Shiemi and the whole ordeal turns into something of a scream fest where Shiemi and Rin both shout things along the lines of, “I’ll help you!” “But I can’t walk!” “You will if you let me help!”

Something like that. I have to admit that I was a little bit moved by this scene. The sheer drive in Rin’s voice and the desire to move on with life in Shiemi’s voice touched me.

Way to kill the mood, Yukio. So yeah, Shiemi is fine. She then enrolls in Rin’s class so that she can become an exorcist and get closer to Yukio-sensei.


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