Moving Headquarters (For Now)

After a long hiatus, I’ve come to realize that being a writer for two websites as well as keeping up with my daily workload is a bit of a pipe dream. I simply do not have the time handle both prospects.

So, as much as it pains me (Bullshit, you say), I’m putting this blog on indefinite hiatus. Yes, many a rock band have done this in order to piss off their fans, but I’m doing it out of stress management. It makes my life easier.

“Oh no, say it ain’t so! How will I go on without some Aniphiles every few days?”

Well, true-believer, you could always browse through the archives of this site and hear my oh-so-witty comments on episodes during the past few months. A better idea, I believe, is to simply head over to where I now write tsundere articles, reviews, and news articles in a tongue-and-cheek manner.

Who knows? There might be a surprise post on this site from time to time.

Once again :

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  1. soooo that website is 403 forbidden.

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