Sacred Seven Episode 7 & Ao no Exorcist – A Demon Chicken and a Darkstone

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Another week, another episode. Luckily for us, Sacred Seven comes bundled with a new OP song which looks much more epic than a two meter teen hunched over a small moped. Also, the show gets a bit more bearable – possibly  because of the new OP.

What’s that? Kenmi’s been playing the Darkstone people all this time? Yeah, with his shifty eyes, that wasn’t hard to predict.

And Ao no Exorcist…dang. I don’t know what to say about that show. It’s entering a lull once again. Six weeks are left of Ao no Exorcist, if not eight, so there’s a fair amount of time for a small mini-climax to build up. Hopefully it’ll be more tantalizing than a demonic bucket of KFC. Seriously, Konekomaru (or whatever his name is) turning into a chicken was laughably bad.

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  1. I don’t have anything to say about this week’s Ao no Exorcist except a bunch of complaints, so instead I’ll say that I’m actually looking forward to the next episode! Although it looks fillertastic and is appearing at a bad time, Shima’s one of my favorite characters so yaaaaay…maybe. If it ends up misinterpreting and overdoing his character then it might only make me mad. I mean, just look at what they did to Konekomaru…

  2. Well i think the best thing about this eppy of exorcist was that Amaimon’s not dead! I thought when we say Yukio purple spots that Amaimon was trying to possess him or something. Nope turns out he’s just chillin in hamster form. He’s cute now.

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