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Those Blue Guys Speak French! [Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Episode 2, Ao no Exorcist Ep. 13]

Ao no Exorcist Episode 13 Anime Review 14 Rin Okumura Yukio Shiemi Shura Kirigakure Shiro Fujimoto Mephisto Pheles Amaimon Suguro

Why, hello~ there

While IkoMei goofs around a bit and loses focus this week, Ao no Exorcist steps its game up in the thirteenth episode. I’d be willing to forgive this show for all of its previous sins if it actually starts getting good in a few weeks’ time. There are many ways the mangaka could develop Ao no Exorcist’s story. Now that we know the Order of the True Cross is linked to the Vatican, why not take a page out of Index’s book?

Ikoku Meiro No Croisee Loli Cute Moe Kawaii Girl Yune Claude Claudel Blanche Oscar Episode 2 3 anime review

Oscar's just too cute

I fear that by the end of Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, I’m going to have a library full of Yune’s strange faces. I mean, she makes one every five minutes or so, and that’s what I’ve come to attribute this show with. Bah, but that’s trivial. Something I’d like to know is whether or not the French spoken in the beginning of the episode was done well. Was there an accent? Read the rest of this entry

It’s a Post Full of Nothing! +20,000 Visits – +1,000 Comments

Yippee! In little under a month my blog’s jumped even further.

Noticed that there were quite a few lurkers out there, but for those of you that commented and visited this site frequently, kudos to you.

Oh, and kudos to you lurkers, as well, at least you visited. :P


Visit this page, it’s a treat. :D


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