You Dropped 6 Rabbits in My Soup [First Impressions of Some Shows]

Usagi Drop Rin

The backgrounds are amazing

I’m positively in love with the artistic stylings of the new anime, Usagi Drop. While I initially cast off the rather strange artwork as being a byproduct of a lack of skill, I can see that’s not the case. This isn’t one of your moe-blob shows, so don’t expect anything along the lines of K-ON or Baka to Test.

Usagi Drop Rin Daikichi

Unrealistic situation, touching story

I’ll be the first to say that this sort of development is really far-fetched. What 70 year-old goes off and has a child behind his family’s back? But I digress, it’s a work of fiction and so, my suspension of belief will have to hold for now. Once you look past the odd set-up, you’ll be able to appreciate Usagi Drop for what it is, a touching tale of bonding between the black sheep of the family. (PS. No. 6 is also in this post.)

Usagi Drop Rin Daikichi

Not the best pick up line

Daikichi’s grandfather (or is it his father?) passes away peacefully in his sleep. The next day, the whole family is brought together in order to mourn his passing. Daikichi is obviously the awkward member of the family and the one who’s the most behind in life as most of his fellow family members have already gotten married or have already bore children. Still, the funeral goes on without a hitch until some of the people take notice of a blonde-haired girl hiding behind the wall. One of the members informs the rest of them that the child is their grandfather’s and that his lover had run away. Frantic about what to do with the girl, the family starts bickering. It’s not until Daikichi takes her in that they stop. And so begins their beautiful relationship.

I have a soft spot for anime like Usagi Drop so it won’t catch me by surprise if this is the show to take home my heart. I can only expect good things from this show so I urge all of you to watch it as well.

No. 6 AnimeNumber 6 (No. 6) is the polar opposite of Usagi Drop in that it’s a science fiction anime with a dark edge to it. Shion is a boy with a remarkably high IQ level and has been accepted into an accelerated program of sorts. He lives in a world where computers dominate the classroom and where science has enveloped the world. In contrast to Shion’s high-life, Nezumi (Rat) is a convict, on the run from the city itself, aptly called No. 6. He’s around the same age as Shion and barges into Shion’s house when he accidentally leaves the window open. Though Nezumi is quick to attack him, Shion responds with surprise at his appearance. He’s hopelessly naive and even offers to treat Nezumi’s wounds, which he grudgingly accepts. The two quickly form an awkward friendship, with Shion being the benefactor, and Nezumi being the reluctant receiver. When Shion learns of Nezumi’s escape, he doesn’t turn him in, but instead asks him questions about what he’s on the run from. Nezumi responds by saying that some things are better left unknown.

This seems to be a prologue since the official art and the opening sequence itself shows the two characters, Nezumi and Shion, growing up. I have a feeling that Shion is going to be the catalyst for some sort of event and that he’ll wind up forever a changed man. After all, why else would his hair color change, and why else would there be a time skip? That portion of the plot looks much more interesting since there’ll be a more mature edge to it all.


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  1. I think you’re going to be my new plaything. What’s that mean you ask? Since you’ve created an image of disliking Slice of Life, randomness and inconclusiveness, I’m going to play a game which involves wagering how many episodes it will take before you drop a show.
    The candidates are:
    Usagi Drop
    No. 6
    Kamisama Dolls.
    Sacred 7
    The Yune Show.
    Mayo Chiki
    Baka Test 2

    I excluded others because you’ve made it perfectly clear you’re not interested in them so what’s the point of nominating those?
    You’re not the only player in this game. I have other critics I’m keeping an eye on to count the drop rate. I myself am far too boring and optimistic to participate.

  2. I included Usagi Drops on my list because I enjoy the drama and twist that it showed on the first episode. I also have extreme fondness with the likes of Rin–reserved and quiet type of heroine.

    • Same here mademoiselle. check out the Penguin as well, for it looks quite intriguing.

    • Mhm, I agree with that, and then some. :D

      There wasn’t too much drama in the first episode (I mean crying and the like), but it’s sort of a human interest story. You just want to see what the two of them are going to get into later on.

  3. Guess it shouldn’t be a surprise to see someone watch both noitaminA anime but from your review, it sounds like you’re more interested in (or at least performed better regarding your expectations) No. 6 than Usagi Drop. Maybe I’m just reading too much into your post but it sounds that way, to me at least. Is that true and is No. 6 your favorite of the season so far?

    • They’re both from that timeslot? Sorry, I’m ill-informed.

      No, not really. I’m not particularly interested in No. 6 to the point where I’d let it overshadow Usagi Drop, I can usually spot a gem when I see it (or I hope I’m able to), so I’m not going to miss that show.

      Still, you hit the nail on the head when you said I was interested in No. 6, you know, because I AM. :P

  4. I didn’t find the premise of Usagi Drop to be that far-fetched — but then again, I also come from a large patriarchal family in an island nation. I even have relatives who have ‘discovered’ siblings from an old man’s mistresses.

    By the way, I couldn’t get my head out of the gutter when you mentioned Nezumi was “being the reluctant receiver,” and the same goes for the latter half of that episode.

    • In your case, I can see how that wouldn’t be out there. Cultural differences, I suppose. :/

      When I said reluctant receiver, I meant that he was reluctant in receiving Shion’s help. Sorry if I was unclear.

  5. The style is similar to Honey and Clover I heard. I might pick this one up to watch as well.

  6. I’m loving the artistic styles of Usagi Drop a lot as well. The charcoal water color is gorgeous and so appropriate for the series. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  7. Usagi drop’s style is more Nodame Cantabile like than Honey and clover in my opinion.

    Daikichi called Rin “aunt” a few times and told his mother that Rin is her little sister, so the deceased was his grandfather.

    In no 6 Shion had his 12th birthday and when the ministry of peace wanted message is shown it is stated there that Nezumi is 12 too, so they are the same age indeed.

    I expect both to be a good show, though no6 may still turn out to be something comletely different than I expect it to be.

    • Nodame Cantabile is full-on music though. :O

      Ah, I see. It’s funny how Rin’s his aunt, but it makes sense….unnerving.

      Shows with potential like No. 6 tend to veer after a while – there’s just no leash on the producer’s mind. They never get their ideas straight.

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