Yuri, Dolls, and Yokai, Oh My – Bleh, Anime First Impressions (Can You Guess the Series?)

Kamisama Dolls Utao Aki Kakashi God Dolls Anime Episode Review Kyouhei

Calmness, then BAM - full out battle

That’s odd, judging from the first few minutes of this show, I thought it was going to be a relatively happy-go-lucky show. And with a name like “Kamisama Dolls”, was there really an expectation for something a tad bit dark and mysterious? Kyouhei’s got his work cut out for him. He has to deal with a psychotic childhood friend who thinks his hometown village is twisted as well as try to control his sister, who’s surely enamored with her “onii-chan”. Besides, he’s got to woo his lady-friend Shiba.

Fat Cat in the Hat - I'm good at rhymes Natsume Yuuchinjou San

Fat Cat in the Hat - I should write children's rhymes

I’m sorry to admit that I have not watched the first two seasons of Natsume Yuuchinjou. But from what I’ve seen so far, there’ll be no need to backtrack at the moment as the show does a good job of introducing the characters and the world they’re in. Natsume Yuuchinjou was first serialized in a shoujo magazine, I believe, and so I find it interesting that I’m becoming hooked to the show. The opening and ending sequences aren’t anything spectacular – they’re your obligatory guitar-twanging pop songs – but they do a good job of fitting in with the anime’s mood. It’s calm and serene, something I’d like to watch whenever I want to unwind.

Fat Cat in the Hat - I'm good at rhymes Natsume Yuuchinjou SanNatsume Yuuchinjou’s a fascinating specimen. The last time I remember an anime striking a chord with me like this was Nodame Cantabile. And then I proceeded to marathon all three seasons of it, even the horrible Paris season. Ugh – what a mistake that one was. Leaving old feelings aside, I can’t wait to see what’s next for this show and I hope that the backgrounds continue to be this lush and paint-like.

Kamisama Dolls Utao Aki Kakashi God Dolls Anime Episode Review Kyouhei

Choosing dresses....yes...

The contrast between the violence and the humor-focused bits in KamiDolls is going to be a tedious thing to maintain I think. The show is going to lean towards one or the other, inherently. A balance will be found if they manage to execute things in a flawless manner and I’m putting my faith in them for now.

Kyouhei Kamisama Dolls Utao

*Tsundere Alert*

YURI YURI Chinatsu Kyouko Toshino

It was fun while it lasted

Last but not least, it’s Yuri Yuri, a show that’s aptly named for its subject matter. There’s been no shoujo-ai as of yet, but taking Kyouko’s fascination with Miraku-chan and Chinatsu into account, you’d be dead stupid not to expect it. I’m not even sure if I’m going to review this any further as it’s bound to be a big senseless pile of dribble. Oh, but what fun it’ll be!

Yuri Yuri Anime Akari

...not important

I feel bad for the main character. She’s already getting overshadowed by her co-cast.

And with that- on to the mado scientisto post. The impressions for the next few episodes should become increasingly suited to you, the readers’, taste over time as I’m getting things sorted out at the moment.

‘Till then, short and sweet. Cheers.

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  1. Based on the doll’s appearance, it was clear KD was going to be an action show.

    I haven’t seen NJ either.

    YY falls under your radar so your lack of enthusiasm for it isn’t surprising.

    • I dunno – with the way Utao was all happy in that little picture, I presumed it was going to be a harem show. I don’t know if I should be disappointed or delighted.

      Natsume Yuuchinjou is a great show so far – I like it. Kind of like Spice and Wolf, in feel.


      • I have to give you an honorary mnetion when my one year anime anniversary review comes out this August. In the meantime, I have to think of something special…something named after you in terms of a negative opinion. I’ll let you know once I watch a show I didn’t like at all. For now I’ve got nothing.

  2. Yuruyuri actually turned out much better than I had anticipated, or at least the first episode certainly did. For a random slice of life comedy with a bunch of girls (surprise, surprise… =_=; ), the episode was actually pretty entertaining. I am worried it will get a bit stale over time though.

    As for Natsume Yuujinchou, you’ll be missing out on a lot of the character development and backstory for the cast by not watching the first two seasons. Looking over the first two seasons would probably be a good idea :P

    • That’s basically my worry with every slice of life show. :/

      Ah, really? I’ll try to fit some Natsume Yuuchinjou into my schedule then – if time allows it. :S

  3. I love what you have wrote about Natsume.
    I have watched the first two and all of it just feels relaxed even when there is drama.
    Its also very pretty ^_^

  4. I’ll probably look into Natsume Yuuchinjou when I feel like putting in the effort of finding the first season. I don’t think i was paying attention when it first came out, so although it looks interesting I haven’t gotten into it yet.

    Yuru Yuri…I will not watch. I will not, because even if its slightly above my expectations, it will still be far below the line which deems it enjoyable in my eyes.

    Kamisama Dolls was a nice surprise for me. I tried reading the manga two times and just couldn’t make it past the first chapter for whatever reason. I expected to feel the same about the anime, but it ended up being the complete opposite- my interest was caught right away. Maybe it was because of the dramatic first scene or the unique opening theme, or maybe because it has an art style reminiscent of the classic 90’s shows. I’m not entirely sure what convinced me, but I’ll be watching this one.

    • I only watched them all recently in one long weekend I was hooked. So I was really paying attention either. Just lucky because I only had a few weeks to wait until season three.

      I will most likely watch Yuri Yuri but that’s because I have difficulty dropping anime >.<
      Got to sort that out!

      I will defiantly watch Kamisama Dolls not sure why but I enjoyed the first episode

    • But Yuri Yuri has Kyouko – she’s a lovable ball of energy.

      Kamisama Dolls – that makes two anime this season with Kami in the name. The art style is reminiscent of 90s shows mainly because it has more detail in the drawings, oh and I guess the noses are drawn differently too.

      Natsume is fun.

  5. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I watched Kamisama Dolls but the first two minutes were the best. It really caught me off guard with how intense it was and I’m pleasantly surprised! Brain’s Base is really delivering some titles with great potential this season.

    Glad to hear you liked Natsume Yuujinchou I actually finished the second season before the first and I didn’t necessarily fell that it spoiled it for me. It felt quite natural all through out so while I hate to be pushing you to watch the first two seasons with already so many current shows airing, if you find the time I think it’s very worthwhile.

    • So that’s the name of the company, Brain’s Base. I liked the contrast between the action and the humor in this show. The story seems a bit “confined” though, like there’s not enough scope for an idea like this.

      There’s no real linearity for a show like this. It feels like he’s just passing through the days, dealing with youkai.

  6. Natsume is definitely one of the series I’m most looking forward to, though Kamisama Dolls looks very interesting too.

    • Natsume for the win! Kamisama Dolls is interesting since I like stories with some sort of corrupt institution and an anti-hero…In that sense, Kamisama Dolls fits the bill perfectly! Let’s go Aki!

  7. I need some time to digest Kamisama dolls – it has good ideas and will most likely be a very good show if done right. However, Yuri Yuri is better than what I expected. I immediately fell in love with the girls in just one episode.

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