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Hanasaku Iroha 14 and Ao no Exorcist 12 – Double Whammy!

Hanasaku Iroha Beach Episode 14 Yuina Ohana Matsumae yuri

GOOOOOD friends

That’s weird, I though they were already friends. Anyways, Hanairo’s 14th episode takes us for a brief stint at the beach and then takes us to Yuina’s fiance’s inn. Did you catch all that? We also find out Yuina’s got more on her mind than just having fun and being a tease, because you know, she was totally a deep character even before this.

MinchiIt seems like Yuina’s not the only popular girl on the beach as a boy admirably confesses his love for Minchi as loud as he can, and in front of everyone else on the beach. The boy’s got balls! It’s a shame that Ohana and Nakochi didn’t get too much time in the spotlight  but this, at least, opened up enough time to delve into Yuina’s problems. They’re the typical rich-girl-who-wants-to-escape-from-family type of dilemnas where the character wants to break free from the expectations and roadmap his/her parents have laid out for him/her. If I was the heir of an inn family, I’d probably turn tail and run as well. What about you?

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Kamisama no Memo-chou – Episode 1 -Moeblobs, Galore

Kamisama no Memo-chou God's Notebook Alice Anime JC Staff Narumi Fujushima Ayaka Shinozaki Shionji Yuko

Funny how we get delighted at another's misfortune

Step aside Touwa Erio, there’s a new moeblob in town – and it just so happens that she calls herself Alice (Shionji Yuuko). This was a whopper of an episode, coming in at an amazing run time of 47 minutes or so. I was impressed by JC Staff’s effort in the first episode, or two once you consider how it’s twice as long as normal, here’s to hoping that they don’t burn out after making such a big impact on me.

Kamisama no Memo-chou God's Notebook Alice Anime JC Staff Narumi Fujushima Ayaka Shinozaki Shionji Yuko


What kind of teddy bear is called Mogadyte? But anyways, disregard that last question. JC Staff has always been a great fount of anime, at least for me, and I’m constantly a fan of all of their works (Index anyone?). That said, there are obvious similarities between “God’s Memo” and a lot of other anime that have just aired recently. Alice is just like Victorique, though I will have to say much more “d’aaaw” inducing, and has a moe factor that’ll give Erio a run for her money.

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