Stein’s Gate Episode 13 – Can’t Change the Past

Stein's Gate Suzuha Amane Moeka

Suzuha just jumped right into my favorites list

Just like everyone predicted, Okabe immediately rushed over to the time leap machine in order to prevent Mayuri’s death. And who can blame him? He’s been with Mayuri forever, since they were kids, and without a doubt, she’s one of his most treasured companions. That being said, a lot of the other characters take a backseat this week as the whole episode focuses on Okabe’s efforts to get Mayuri back. At least Suzuha managed to have an awesome and badass scene (above).

Stein's Gate Okabe Rintarou Time Leap

Don't blow your ears with headphones, kids

As far as episode summaries go, you can tell that I’m not a big fan of them (I’m using “as far as” a lot these days). It’d be a safe bet to assume that most of you guys have already watched the episode by the time you read these posts, and if you haven’t…I just have to wonder why you would spoil the story for yourself. But whatever, it’s your choice. And it’s my choice to make these episode summaries as succinct as possible. Let ‘er rip!

Stein's Gate Makise Kurisu Okabe Rintarou

We need more Makise

Okay, so we’ve Okabe “going” into the past in order to save Mayuri from her unfortunate death but becomes paranoid as a result of it. Whenever he interacts with others, he loses his cool and starts to shout. His first order of business is getting everyone away from the lab, much to everyone’s surprise. Our Kurisu, not one to be fooled, picks up on his strange behavior and realizes that he’s been conducting time leap experiments on himself.

Stein's Gate Mayushi Mayuri Ruka Urushiba Okabe Rintarou Houoin Kyouma Okarin


We also learn that Mayuri was bathed in a radiant light some time ago (angels?) and Okabe took her as a hostage in order to prevent her from going anywhere. That’s how their whole friendship started and that’s what’s making Okabe go to such lengths for Mayuri. It’s depressing then that all of his attempts fail. The first time, she gets shot, the second time she gets hit by a car, and the third time she gets hit by a train. There’s probably a reason for all that…

Stein's Gate TattooYeah, maybe I’m chasing a red herring when I talk about this but you can’t leave any stone un-turned. Especially when said stone is a big glaring tattoo on someone’s neck. Really, there are more subtle ways to hint at some conspiracy theory. Showing a huge tattoo is like setting off an alarm. Now, I have no idea what this shape represents so I’m lost there, but it does tell us a little something about the group. They’re all linked and they’re probably influential and powerful as well. I mean, how else could they get guns?

Stein's Gate Okabe Rintarou Mayuushi Mayuri

He wasn't always mad

Well, we find out that Okabe gets his mado scientisto persona from a movie he watched with Mayuri way back when, and he’s since adopted it and made it his own. What’s odd is the light that shined down on Mayuri. Was that really a ray of light from the heavens or was it just the clouds breaking in that exact spot? I haven’t gone through the visual novel at all, so I can’t say, but there’s  a chance that that light is basically what separates her from the others. Okabe has the Reading Steiner ability, and Mayuri is linked to the …(heavens?).

Stein's Gate Okabe Rintarou Houoin KyoumaThis show just gets more and more interesting with each passing episode, which is a good thing, methinks. And there are definitely some parallels that you can draw between Stein’s Gate and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Both animes revolve around a time travel plot, though Puella Magi didn’t reveal that it was a time travel plot until late in the series, but who cares about when that happened? Anyways, Homura is Okabe and Madoka is Mayuri. Simple enough, though I have an inkling that Stein’s Gate isn’t going to leave us on such a happy note once all the time travel hubbub is over. Third time’s the charm, they say. But when the third time ends up with Mayuri dead, you start to ponder. Is this one of those times where fate intercedes and causes an event to happen no matter what? I’d like to go out on a limb and say that Mayuri is probably doomed to die many, many times. Is she going to come back to life? She might, but she’ll still play an important role regardless of her status. You can’t just have a cryptic scene and drop it at that. That desolate wasteland plays a role in all this and is going to be huge.

Still, the show might get boring if they focus on the Mayuri chase too much. I’m hoping for some more developments to come in the future. Hopefully ones with Feyris and Suzuha.



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  1. Maybe he will need to hit that 1% thing that John Titor talked about

  2. The past must be changeable!!! Mayuri is too cute to die. :P
    Honestly thinking, I trust that Nitro+ will save Mayuri in one way or another…

  3. 1. Just a suggestion: if you don’t like to write summaries, just don’t write it. No need to waste a whole paragraph stating that you don’t like it, and then proceed to do a summary anyway. It’s your blog, do what you like.

    2. To clarify, it’s annoying to me because this isn’t the first time I saw you do that. If you can’t decide by yourself whether to include summaries or not, how about making a poll and make your readers decide for you?

    3. Just so you know, I’d vote for no summaries. And no pointless talking about summaries would be great too.

    • Keep in mind that a lot of the stuff I write on here is tongue-in-cheek, even when I complain. It’s my voice I guess you could say. I don’t like to stay mired in certain rules and guidelines, so I don’t really set any for myself.

      If it’s annoying, there’s really no one to blame but me, but hey, you win some, lose some.

      I’m afraid you’re getting a bit too serious about this site – it’s nothing but fun, and shouldn’t be anything else.

  4. It is so heartbreaking to see Mayuri dying again and again. Seems like this is her fate…? Hope that Okabe can find a way to save her. Definitely my most anticipated series every week!

  5. There is quite a bit of symbolism of things to come, but people are over-thinking about this episode too much. This just shows at Okabe’s needs to do “something” different to save Mayuri, but in doing so he is going to be put into catch-22 situation. That is all I will say, lol.

    • That’s the fun of all this animu blogging stuff, no? Over-analyzing then derping when everything turns out to be the opposite of what you predicted…Derp.

      Hm, it’s just that after Puella Madoka, I can’t get the idea that “there’s no way to avert fate” out of my head. I’ll be anticipating a very disjointed, confusing time travel story from here on then. :D

  6. You’re absolutely right, @tsurugiarashix — we shouldn’t be making grand declarations or general conclusions from this episode alone. But as far as I can tell, it is a set up for the rest of the series after a slow build to a fantastic peak that will add extra gravitas. :)

    • Yup, with the series half-finished, things will soon lead to a climax then a denouement. As long as there’s some more Suzuha action, I’ll be satisfied. >:)

      • Perhaps Mayuri isn’t necessarily fated to die. After all, Kurisu died (shot in the head? or shoulder?) right afterwards, but didn’t die again (?) in the next two time-lines. Got a distinct Run Lola Run thing from this episode. It’s gonna be a GREAT show to re-watch again, no doubt! Last night I watched the first episode of Bakemonogatari and i’m noticing things I totally missed the first time around. :-D

        • Never watched Run Lola Run so I can’t relate there. :/

          Bakemonogatari is one of those rare anime that I don’t have a problem revisiting, though I can’t simply rewatch it right away – I usually five myself a few months’ breathing room.

          Hm, either way it goes, with Mayuri dead or alive, I think I’m still going to enjoy the show. Just speculation on my part and a horribly disguised attempt at sounding like an intellectual.

  7. I actually didn’t notice those tatoos you mentioned. I wonder if they have a significance, or if they are just red herrings.

    Either ways, I wonder how Okarin will go about saving Mayuri now that we know that “fate” seems to be against them. This does bring up a curious point though; why did Makise survive in the new world lines, even after her death back in episode 1? D-mails are the key…?

    • That’s what I’ve been wondering about the whole time as well. Haha :D

      I don’t think that D-Mails are the key necessarily, just intervention in the time lines. We’ll probably see Okarin going about saving Mayuri in different ways until he finally succeeds, or maybe they’ll go onto a different arc for now and end up saving Mayuri later once they learn later.

  8. The tattoo looks a bit like a “fleur de lis” (see ). If so it might just be a way of tying them to SERN (the real CERN is located in Geneva, the French side of Switzerland).

    • Flower of …something? I’m bad at French, if it is French.

      Huh, cool insight there – I never would have guessed it. But it certainly seems that it would give more weight to the whole “conspiracy” theory in the anime, though it’s obvious it isn’t real….or is it?

  9. Mayuri just can’t catch a break, can she? She gets saved, she gets hit by a car and breaks her watch. She gets saved again, she gets pushed into a train by accident and breaks her watch.
    I’m sad to say that by that point I was laughing, since this was turning out like some kind of black comedy. But hey, the Tuturu has a possibility of being back~!

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