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Stein’s Gate Episode 11 Review- SERN Spy

Stein's Gate Geto Okabe Rintarou Houoin Kyouma

SERN appears to be closing in on Okabe this episode as they continue to send threatening messages as well as pictures, though it’s up for discussion whether or not the mysterious entity really is SERN. The scene that followed the threat was slightly out of place though. It looks a bit too testosterone-fueled, but it was awesome, nonetheless.

Stein's Gate Geto Makise KurisuHoo, boy, do I hate doing summaries. So, as always, I’ll strive to keep it as concise as I possibly can. After running a few experiments concerning the D-Mail, Kurisu ascertains the conditions under which the D-Mail can be operated optimally. She even has an idea of transplanting someone’s memories into electrical data.  Read the rest of this entry


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