Stein’s Gate Episode 10 – No More Traps!

Stein's Gate Kurisu Mayuri

Stein's Gate Daru

Seriously, Ruka's a dude now

Today is a glorious day for the people out there who found themselves being inexplicably attracted to Ruka-kun despite knowing full-well that he was a trap. Because you know what? Telling your parents to eat vegetables ten years in the past (logically) works. Science attests to it.

Besides some gender-benders and whatnot, this episode sees some pretty intriguing developments take place, not excluding the introduction of a new lab member. Who would that be?

Stein's Gate Houoin Kyouma Okabe Okarin RintarouOkabe is still reeling from the shock he received last week. Finally coming to grips with the fact that all the moe is gone from Akiba, he tries to come up with various explanations as to why his relationships with others haven’t been altered. Even though there was no May Queen Nyan Nyan to introduce Okabe to Feyris, it turns out that he still met her through another avenue. This scene leads to one where Okabe fondles Ruka in order to prove what gender he is. He’s full of confidence until he realizes there’s no junk in his trunk. Hrm…

Stein's Gate Okabe Ruka

It's not a trap!

Anyways, Okabe later meets Suzuha Amane, the part-time worker, and learns that she’s going to meet her father in Tokyo. He tells her to go for it and she thanks him, only to tell him that she’ll leave if she fails to do so. Okabe’s obviously worried and he decides to throw a party for her, whether she’s successful or not. At that moment, he gets a message telling him that he’s being followed. In typical Okabe-fashion, he starts getting paranoid and acts weirdly. He acts so strangely that Mayuri comments upon this. After a brief exchange and some reminiscing, Okabe realizes that the sensation of experiencing world line shifts is the same as the feeling he got when he was feverish in the past.

Stein's Gate Houoin Kyouma Okabe Okarin

No more nyan nyan for you

Suzuha doesn’t show up to Okabe’s party and instead leaves a message saying goodbye. Okabe starts to ponder whether or not he should a D-Mail, that is, before laughing maniacally and doing it anyways. He’s succeeds, and Suzuha stays in Tokyo and even becomes a lab member. Good for you, Okabe. Another girl for the harem!

Stein's Gate Pudding John Titor BarrelStein's Gate Numbers Butterfly Effect

  And so, we have the pudding of doom and those crazy, random numbers. What could they possibly mean? I honestly have no idea, but it seems that the numbers are getting closer to zero, so expect something when it hits that mark. As for the pudding…I guess the stalker has some pudding fetish or simply delights in the stuff. Who knows?

Stein's Gate Kurisu OkabeThe longer this anime goes on, the more I wish that the Xbox 360 visual novel got translated. From what I’ve seen, the art is simply gorgeous, and hey, it’s gotta be more immersive since there’s player input. Anyways, things are looking to get more “friendly” between Okabe and Kurisu. Okabe shows no signs of interest thus far, but Kurisu gets all flustered and deredere whenever they get close. “It’s not like she’s complimenting you or anything!”

Stein's Gate Suzuha AmaneAnd yeah, here we have the latest addition to the Secret Lab Group, Suzuha Amane. She seems to have a huge interest in the name John Titor, but that’s probably got to do with the fact that her father calls himself “Barrel” Titor. Whether there’s some special significance to the name Titor remains to be seen, but it’s clear from here that people with the Titor label are enigmatic.

Stein's Gate Okabe Okarin Rintarou Houoin Kyouma

Oh, and a few people might have picked up on this little tidbit already but, at the end of the episode, there was a faint flicker of a butterfly going across the screen. From what the anime has done so far with the Butterfly Effect, it’s definitely referring to that phenomenon. Okabe might have shrugged off all his worries when he sent that D-Mail into the past in order to get Suzuha back, but it doesn’t mean there weren’t consequences.

Stein's Gate Kurisu TsundereStein's Gate Okabe KurisuStein's Gate KurisuStein's Gate Ruka Urushibara FeyrisStein's Gate KurisuStein's Gate MayuriStein's Gate MayuriStein's Gate Okabe RintarouStein's Gate Makise Kurisu RukaStein's Gate Ruka OkarinStein's Gate Ruka Urushibara MayuriStein's Gate Daru Mizugi School SwimsuitsStein's Gate Kurisu MakiseStein's Gate Ruka UrushibaraStein's Gate Suzuha AmaneStein's Gate Okabe Kurisu


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  1. Need to finish this episode. Fell asleep last night about third of the way through (long story). Loved how blasé Okabe was about violating social decorum in order to determine Ruka’s sex by groping her. Science is but the first word on this show!

    • :O How could you fall asleep while watching this show? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you were sleepy.

      And anything for science. hehe

  2. I liked how this episode showed how Okarin and Makise have gotten closer together, whereas before it was kind of tough to see whether they actually cared for each other or not. Now that I think about it though, the fact that Makise always returns to the lab, even though she acts as if she hates the two resident “perverted gentlemen”, is proof that she has taken a liking to the place :P

    On another note, I think this episode was particularly enlightening with regards to Suzuha and Daru. I do have very strong suspicions about them possibly being related.

    On another note, the dissappearance of the satellite on the roof coinciding with Suzuha’s disappearance smells very suspicious to me… :o

    • Indeed, Makise even said it herself that it was a fun place to be. So her tsundere-ness may show, but deep inside, you know she’s going all deredere for Okabe.

      I’m not sure whether Daru has any significance besides being the partner to Okabe, but the fact that Suzuha was at the Time Machine meeting as well is kind of interesting. Or was that her father, Barrel Titor?

      Well, Suzuha came back didn’t she? I can’t quite remember what’s so special about the satellite except for it being, you know, a strange thing to see. It was there when Makise first died… and it keeps on reappearing.

  3. Done! Aye, Tsuki, the disappearance of the satellite is suspicious indeed. Also is the “coincidence” that Suzuha’s father’s name is the same as Titor the time traveler. Thus, assuming they’re the same person, and given her hesitation at saying her father’s first name… she must be wary about giving away too much information to people in her past (Okabe in the present).

    • That is… IF Suzuha is from the future. Though it’s a pretty popular theory right now, what basis is there for people to go on? Or have they already played the visual novel, oh, then I”m beat.

      • Already started on half of the VN and already wish I could spoil it, but I won’t, lol. The GOOD stuff hasn’t even occurred yet, but getting closer. I’m enjoying the show thus far and hoping to finish the novel in tandem with the anime.

      • I guess the main basis for everybody assuming Suzuha is a time traveler is due to the large amount of hints that she’s given through her manner of speech, where it’s quite obvious she isn’t familiar with a lot of society’s norms, and not to mention, her animosity towards Makise was structured in a way so that it implied she knew Makise in the future. I would like to say that she is 100% a time traveler, but I guess until the series formally recognizes it as such, we can only say it’s speculation.

        • @ArashiX

          I am so jealous now. I’m so green with envy that you could pass me off as a Christmas tree.


          That makes sense. So now that it’s “established” that she’s a time traveler, the question is, who is John Titor. And is he really that important? So far he’s only told Okabe to do something, but he hasn’t actually done anything himself.

  4. Does anyone happen to know the background music played during the time Christina told Okarin he was a nakama to her? It’s somewhere 14 minutes into the anime. If anyone knows can he/she please tell me. I’ve been looking all over for that one song. Thanks, Appreciate it.

    • SweetSticks, if you’re talking about the soft piano instrumental that played in that scene, you’d best look out for the Stein’s Gate Original Soundtrack. If it exists yet.

      It’ll come out sooner or later though, so you can buy it/download it, then.

    • I have the same question. Really great piano soundtrack to this series, and the bgm in the closet scene caught my ear as well. I’ll keep a look out for the OST…

      • Strange, it didn’t particularly pique my interest, but I guess it has now. :D

      • There already is an OST out for the game though that certain track is not on it. To be precise, it isn’t part of any CD that has been released yet and I have every single one of them. It might be that this track will be included with the bonus CDs included in the limited DVDs/BDs coming, the first being released on June 22 together with the PSP Singles.

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