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Ao no Exorcist Episode 8 – Yukio Leaves And…?

Ao no Exorcist Blue Rin SatanI can’t help but get a little bit of an adrenaline rush whenever I see a character releasing their limit-breaking ability. Try and tell me you weren’t excited when Rock Lee started to open some of his Chakra Gates or that you weren’t the least bit eager when Ichigo went into his Hollow/Bankai form. Sadly, Rin’s fight this episode wasn’t anything too remarkable.

Ao no Exorcist Blue Rin Shiemi Teacher YukioI thought I was trolled by [gg] Fansubs when I saw this part of the episode, but thankfully, the weird subtitles were attributed to the fact that the woman talked a bit weirdly. And speaking of the woman, just what is she? I dread the day she becomes a regular part of Read the rest of this entry

Hanasaku Iroha Episode 10 Review – Seperation Anxiety

Hanasaku Iroha Hanairo Ohana Moe Kawaii

This picture right here gives the illusion that Ohana has long hair and reaffirms all my thoughts that Ohana would look much more kawaii (how’s that Japanophiles?) if she had more hair. And while we’re on that thought, wouldn’t pretty much any character look good with longer locks? You know what, screw that. Jacob Taylor looked like a homoesexual twat with long hair.

Hanasaku Iroha Hanairo OhanaA pressing matter for me, even more important than the plot, is to find out whether or not Minchi drew this face. It shows her taking the marker out, but the scene soon skips to one where Minchi is tucking Ohana into bed. Even Sherlock Holmes would be duped. Read the rest of this entry


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