Top 7 Songs from Panty and Stocking /w Garterbelt Soundtrack

If you haven’t watched this anime yet, I highly suggest you do. Given its crude sexual humor and references though, it may be off-putting for those who prefer to stay on the “cleaner” side of things. Let’s disregard all of that for a moment though and focus on the soundtrack for a bit because it was a treat for my ears. And being the audiophile I am, I have a penchant for these things.

Being produced by DJ Taku Takuhashi of M-Flo, it was no surprise to me that the beats came out smooth and crisp. Also, since Japanese singers Lisa, Emyli, and Mariya Ise provided assistance to the production of this album, you know you’re in for a treat when you listen to this.

Here’s a quick fix:

Keep in mind though that Panty and Stocking’s soundtrack isn’t your typical collection of bright, seiyuu-sung pop songs. Rather, it’s a diverse album full of slick, tight tracks with a thundering bass, catchy hooks and a great pop-sensibility. More than anything though, it has a distinctively Western vibe to the album, from the way the lyrics are added to the way the instruments interact with each other, it certainly separates itself from other songs in the Japanese market- Full track list here.

Alright, as there around 20 tracks on this album, I thought I’d make it easier on you guys and recommend seven tracks that I felt were the standout songs of this here mix. Oh, and this’ll be the first of many Top 7 lists to come, so look forward to that.

7. Fallen Angel feat. Aimee B. (Listen)

The ending song of this anime takes the seventh spot in this list for a good reason. The smooth vocals of Aimee B, are laid out over a rhythmic drum beat that keeps a steady 4/4 beat. Simple, yes, but effective. Better yet, the already captivating beat is nicely accentuated by short bass riffs; I constantly find myself rewinding the track constantly to pick up on the bass.

6. Wait a min- wha-?

Wondering where tracks 1-6 are? Well, stay-tuned to this blog as this Top 7 list will consist of a series of posts to come over the course of the next week or so, which I’ll compile in a single place, of course. You can bet that you can look forward to more great tracks. While you’re at it, why not subscribe, follow me on twitter @tommyphile , or simply comment in the box below? A share wouldn’t hurt either. How’s that for shameless self-advertsing?

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  1. aww, m-flo. i haven’t listened to them since Lisa left. how exciting though, that they did some of the music for this show? i’ll have to check it out, i haven’t watched it yet.

    • I was surprised too when I listened to this album. I never expected it to be so good. Anyways, yeah, watch the anime for a bit, I”m sure you’ll find it funny.

  2. I absolutely LOVED the anime. The characters the twisted sense of humor and most of all the amazingly refreshing design!

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