The Butterfly Effect – Stein’s Gate 9

Stein's Gate Kurisu Butterfly Effect

The fact that the Butterfly Effect is showing just how much effect it can have is making my interest in this anime rise like magma in a volcano. No joke. And it doesn’t help that Feyris has an irresistible charm. Who could possibly withstand all those nya~s?

Stein's Gate 9 Kyouma Okabe Feyris


And now, we finally get a taste of what time-travel can really dole out. Specifically, a single D-Mail from Feyris leads to a whole section of Tokyo to completely change, that is, Akiba is no longer the otaku haven it once was. Okabe is obviously shocked at the development and so are we, which forces us to think, if things are constantly changing, how the heck is Okabe ever going to get that computer back?

Stein's Gate 9 Okabe Daru Mayuri

It seems that with every subsequent D-Mail sent, the world line shifts get more drastic and more of them are created. Basically, things that initially appear to be insignificant have a ripple effect and the things that are altered multiply as time goes on. So who knows, you may kill a caterpillar one day and cause the world to blow up as a result. It’s that simple, and deadly.

Stein's Gate MoekaAfter another line shift though, we do see that the lab members regain their recollection of Moekaa. Or rather, they never lost it in the first place in that specific world. It sounds confusing, yes, I know, but what it all boils down to is this: some worlds may share similarities with worlds the characters were in previously, though which similarities are present are up to chance.

As to what Feyris attempted to amend in the past, it seems fairly obvious. It was revealed that she was the namesake of the Akiba region and that she was the one who spread “moe” culture all around (Hrm…) and facilitated it. But why would she do that? She might have been stressed out about the whole ordeal, or perhaps she wanted a normal life, without the inclusion of moe and anime in it. Oh and why was Kurisu crying on the phone earlier?

At least Okabe realizes how serious all this is getting now. He had inklings of the gravitas of the whole situation in the first few episodes and even alluded to its danger, however, I think he fully grasps the whole concept now that a region of Tokyo has been transformed into a typical shopping district.

It makes me think that a major plot point in the future episodes will concern the lab group attempting to get back to “World Line Number 1″, or the one that they were in before all the time travel business started. And who knows, maybe that wasn’t line number 1 at all, perhaps it was simply another branch that didn’t experience D-Mails yet.

Stein's Gate Line ShiftOh, and what could these numbers mean? Probability of going back to their original world? A countdown of sorts?


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  1. This anime constantly continues to amaze me in every department. The art is beautiful as usual and the music inserts had great timing. I especially liked the moment when Kyouma was looking around Akiba, that just added to the pure epicness of the show.

    And does anyone else have thoughts on those numbers? They look important enough without a doubt, maybe something bad will happen when it reaches 0 or 666, hey, it’s the Devil’s number after all.

    • Sympathy for the Devil? haha, I’m kidding, but that 666 theory is interesting though I don’t think that’s the way the show will go. There hasn’t been any allusions to Satan or anything yet.

  2. Saw this late last night, and I’m beginning to understand that the creators have been slowly dripping all the major conceits of time travel in every episode so far, but we won’t know why Okabe is the only one who remembers until the very end. Any guesses?

    I remember reading about the butterfly effect for the first time in a short story called [a href=]A Sound of Thunder, by Ray Bradbury. I didn’t know the name of the concept until later, but by then I realized that even science fiction wasn’t as weird as quantum physics!

    • Or perhaps it’s just going to be a convenient deus ex machina because what plausible reason could they have for letting Okabe keep his memories? I’m eager to find out what the show is going to tell us about this.

      Not to fond of quantum physics as it twists my brain around and I can’t make heads or tails of the whole thing. Quarks and all, man, I’m confused already.

  3. Crap. Sorry for the bad html code. Can’t edit it.

  4. This episode is enjoyable but any attempts I made in understanding it, the concepts and theories about time travel, made my head hurt like hell! Imo, what makes Steins;Gate so good is that it doesn’t just provide lovable characters, it also presents an interesting story that keeps viewers asking the possibilities related to the issue/s Okarin is having. it’s rare for anime to balance such aspects of entertainment nowadays =/

    • In other word, IT ROCKS =3

      I understand what you mean. I don’t always try to understand every detail about the science and time traveling stuff but it’s still interessting! Each time Okarin transfered time line I was like O.O” what will happen next, what will have change and such. It’s thrilling and the character help in that too =3

      • TOTALLY. :)

        Yeah, the explanations so far haven’t been that great in the show, though some people might argue that, but anyways, even if it doesn’t make sense to some people, that doesn’t matter. The whole reason we watch the show is to get some entertainment, not to get a science lesson.

    • More than enjoyable for me. I don’t know about you, but the ending felt just so epic. After the build-up of the last few episodes, it was a euphoric release of sorts, to see what everything had led up to. I didn’t expect a change of this level at the moment since everything so far was rather miniscule.

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