Deadman Wonderland 6 – Dattebayo Effect & How the Anime Ends

Deadman Wonderland Ganta looks like Naruto


I call this the Dattebayo Effect. Discovered and developed by Professor Naruto, this is a universal law of animu that holds steadfast season through season. Bascially, a main character will break his opponent’s disillusioned view of the world by shouting some pretty inspiring lines. Of course, the other person won’t listen. And what do you do to make others understand your point of view?

A headbutt.

Bam. Illusions destroyed, character becomes an ally.

Deadman Wonderland Minatsuki looks like Gaara

On another note, I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a huge drop in the quality of the animation in Deadman Wonderland during this week’s episode, it was almost off-putting. Along with that, some of the close-ups of Minatsuki (above) when she went maniacal are just… odd. Her eyes are all over the place and her mouth twists in creepy ways. Speaking of creepy…

Deadman Wonderland Why so serious? Joker, I guess

Why so serious?

Yeah, he doesn’t seem to be too important to the whole story. But you never know. Heck, this guy ate everything Ganta gave him, even the tray. I bet he’ll be the mastermind behind the whole escape as well as the facilitator. And how do the prisoners escape, you ask? Well, you see, after Ganta dukes it out with some big bad baddie near the end of the last episode, he’ll be dead-tired and collapse on the ground. That’s when fat little Joker over here goes ahead and picks him up. He’ll then proceed to eat his way out of prison, iron walls, gates, and all. What a guy. Who needs Ganta when you’ve got this overweight pig?

Wow. I’m an amazing writer, I should really get into writing stories.

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  1. HeavensDrill

    Loved your take on the whole main character shonen thing. I’m sure I also saw something similar to this post on some other blog, but I can’t quite remember what it was now. Hm. Interesting.
    And yes, I’ve also noticed that the art has been getting periodically worse in Deadman Wonderland. When you compare this to other anime like last year’s Fullmetal Alchemist, you have to wonder why the studios get so lazy. FMA went on for around 64 weeks between start and finish and I don’t remember ever being disappointed with the art.

    • Really? Great minds do think alike then, don’t they? ;)

      Though the art is getting worse, I find myself getting more drawn in by this show. The fights are short, as I’ve noted many times before, so it helps keep the anime straight to the point. I hate long-winded talking and corny lines. And they’re present in Deadman Wonderland, but definitely not on the level of Naruto or Bleach.
      FMA? That’s an unfair comparison, my friend. :) If an anime gets produced by BONES, you know it’s good.

    • You may not have watched the episode yet, but regardless, thanks for the kind words. Appreciated greatly. :)

      I’ve seen some of your stuff and you’re great. Hope to see you around more on this blog! See ya.

  2. Woooo deadman 6! Great character introduction if anyone thought that new girl was going to be “normal” I just laugh! After all almost all the characters are “insane” in some way.

    Ganta so cool at the end! Giving them the finger hahah such a bro xD

    • Haha, never thought I would see someone giving the finger in an anime.

      Anyways, the girl is probably going to become an ally, she’s being introduced so early in the show, she has to. Also, I agree, all the characters are insane, but within limits I guess. After all, Crow seems perfectly fine in his cell now, or are they just all great at deception?

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