Nichijou Episode 7 er… Review?

Nichijou Episode 7 Hakase playing baseball with a cat

"You're doing it wrong"

Is anyone else at a loss for words after watching this episode? I mean, what was with the whole King Albert and wooden cube stuff? Was it supposed to be some kind of wooden All-Spark? No? Just a hairpin? Okay, got it. But you’ve got to admit this show is pretty weird and that a lot of the jokes are now getting stale or they just sail over my/your/everyone’s head.

At least we get some semblance of normalcy when we watch Yuko. She’s a normal girl from what I watched so far. Oh, and you can’t forget Takasaki’s crush on Sakurai, a normal situation if I ever saw one.

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  1. Nice picture of Hakase, tomphile. She looks really adorable in this one, and does this anime seems really familiar to you?

    For me, that’s maybe because it’s exactly like Lucky Star. They have the same kind of jokes and the same kind of characters. You have the quiet one, the smart one, the kind of ditzy one, and yeah.
    But whatever, I love this show.

    • I’ve noticed that it looks like Lucky Star, haha. It’s not only the character models, you’re right. It’s also the jokes and focus on the strange aspects of the anime I guess.
      But it’s appealing to many people, me included. However, I have to say that while I understand most of the jokes, they’re not that funny anymore since it comes across as being overused, stale, and lame. Just to name a few adjectives. We might be getting to many of these 4-koma turned into anime. It’s like beating a dead horse because they’re mostly the same. Just focus on the everyday life of a few girls doing strange things.

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